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Aquatec Pressure Sewer Systems in New Zealand

Aquatec is Australasia's number one provider of customised end-to-end pressure sewer systems. We've partnered with Oasis Clearwater Environmental Systems; a member of the Humes Group, to provide complete support for our New Zealand based clients.


Together, Aquatec and Oasis Clearwater have a staff support base of more than 300 personnel with 26 offices.

We have over 7,000 low pressure sewer systems operating throughout Australasia and we are known as the trusted advisors to urban and regional Councils, Water Authorities and contractors.

distributed by

Oasis Clearwater

a division of Humes Pipelines

End–to–end Service

  • Consultation
  • Design
  • Supply
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • After Sales Support
  • Life Cycle Management

Aquatec Pressure Sewer

Market Leading Innovation

Aquatec takes a customised approach to the design of Pressure Sewer Systems based on practical requirements and site conditions. Single, dual and triple pump options meet changing demands across domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

Market leading pumps, chambers, control panels, telemetry, reticulation items and accessories are customised to deliver energy efficient, environmentally friendly sewerage systems for the long-term.

Products & Services

  • Concept Designs
  • Full Modelling
  • OGT – Omni Grind Turbine Pump (domestic applications)
  • OGP – Omni Grinder Plus + (commercial applications)
  • Flexible choice of systems
  • Reticulation Accessories
  • Controllers & Level Controls
  • Upgrade kits

Boundary Connection Kit

Aquatec’s Reticulation Valve Kits introduce a range of mechanisms throughout the network for preventative pressure management, automatic cleaning and scheduled maintenance.

Range includes:

  • Boundary Connection Kit
  • Isolation Valve Kits
  • Flushing Point Kits
  • Air Valve Kits

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